„There are no shortcuts in Science“

About Us

TICI’s portfolio includes areas that comply with the requirements of the investment construction process, with a view 20 years ahead, with the creation of quality staff and specialists, with opportunities for development of scientific potential in Bulgaria. Proof of this are the established partnerships over the years with the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy Sofia (UACEG), the implemented joint projects with other universities, including those from Vienna, Dresden, Stuttgart, Nis, Belgrade, Pisa, Brescia, Granada, as well as branch organizations, many of which are international.

The purpose of our joint work with UACEG and other scientific organizations is to support and upgrade activities and initiatives through which to facilitate science and business to work together for the development of transport infrastructure, which is useful for all participants in the construction process.


Independent Construction Laboratory at TICI

The laboratory is accredited under “№ 230 ЛИ” with order № A 139 from 15.04.2019 of the Executive Director of the Bulgarian Accreditation Service Executive Agency. The laboratory received its first accreditation in 2013.

The laboratory performs:

·         testing of basic construction materials

·         control field measurements for qualification of performed construction and installation works

·         prepares recipes for asphalt mixtures

The laboratory has:

*        implemented Management System - BDS EN ISO/IES 17025

*        accreditation by the Executive Agency "Bulgarian Accreditation Service".

The independent laboratory is a structure-determining direction in the work of the Institute and its development as a scientific institution. A special feature or rather an advantage of the Laboratory is our joint work with UACEG and the Department of Road Construction and Transport Facilities. On the one hand we present research and expertise of laboratory tests for the needs of science - new materials, recipes (everything that doctoral students and graduates study in their research), and on the other hand we provide our facilities and specialists for educational practices and seminars of students.

Proof of the expertise and competence of the team of specialists working in the Laboratory are our clients and partners - government agencies, construction companies, investors, designers, construction supervision and individuals.

We have fruitful cooperation with laboratories, universities and organizations, both in Bulgaria and abroad. In this way we manage to meet the needs of a wider range of contractors and significantly increase the quality of services offered. Over the years, the Construction Laboratory of the Institute has established itself as a necessary and independent expert between business, state and municipal administration.

The laboratory develops its portfolio in line with the development of construction technologies and the use of various materials, so that on the one hand to test and control the construction process, but on the other to create new products that ensure the implementation of quality projects, efficiently and environmentally friendly.


The chronological development of the Transport Infrastructure and Construction Institute is an integral part of the development of the Department of Road Construction and Transport Facilities at UACEG. What is happening for the ten-year period from the establishment of the Institute until today?

·         2011 –  A group of assistants from the Department of Roads at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, guided by the desire to develop science research and applied science and to improve the educational process, decided to apply the world experience that allows universities to develop scientific and development activities in a competitive market environment - implementation of scientific developments, implementation and sale of such and mediation in technology transfer between research centers and business.

They are launching various initiatives - creating new textbooks and handbooks, changing curricula and internship programs, opening education to the needs of business, seeking partnerships with foreign engineering and technology universities. Supported by the management of the Department and the University, the scientists concentrate part of their efforts, knowledge and experience in organizing and conducting a "National Roads Conference with International Participation", which to date attracts scientists, specialists, government and local authorities from five continents.

·         2012 – The Company "Infrastructure and Transport Construction". At the initiative of Prof. Nikolay Mihaylov, Head of the Department of Road Construction, the company was established, which aims to eliminate administrative barriers for the team to accomplish the initiatives (scientific forums, seminars, thematic evenings, discussions on the development of transport infrastructure) and the new legal entity began to develop successfully in two directions - the organization and holding of the "National Roads Conference with International Participation" and the publication of the scientific journal "Transport Construction and Infrastructure".

The company is structured so that it mainly employs members of the Department of Road Construction. This provides an opportunity both for the development of the staff of the Department and for financial support of future ideas and initiatives.

·         2016 – Transport Infrastructure and Construction Institute (TICI). The company "Infrastructure and Transport Construction" has been restructured, the ownership has been changed, as well as the goals and scope of activity are being expanded. The main goal of TICI is to be a bridge between business and science in search of an optimal balance between industry, innovative technologies, ecology and the application of highly effective structural solutions that are useful and practical for the business and at the same time support the development of science.

In partnership with the Association "Bulgarian Forum for Transport Infrastructure" and PIARC begins the publishing of an electronic, bilingual scientific journal "Transport Infrastructure". It is accessible to students, doctoral students, and professors from universities and schools, experts, industry branch organizations and construction companies.


·            2017 – A new direction is created at the Institute – "Independent Construction Laboratory" – with the opening of three laboratories in the cities of Sofia, Pleven and Burgas.

·      2019 – TICI opens “Safe Roads” Research Center at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy Sofia

·         2019 – The direction "Construction supervision and consulting" is added to the portfolio of the Institute.


Our vision is to develop science, research and applied work through good ideas, adequate resources and activities that develop the academic staff and allow young people to learn ahead of schedule in the real economic environment. Improving the quality of education and teaching for students and PhD students will ensure the construction of a sustainable and efficient infrastructure for the benefit of the people.


Creating a stable relationship administration - science - business, in which science has a balancing role, the role of an independent, categorical and accurate arbiter and consultant. We believe that science, given its genesis and specificity has the potential to lead society to development, which guarantees sustainability and prosperity, promises a future in the professional careers of young architects, engineers, teachers - scientists.